Regina has Ghosts

Eco-PARTY! is out to prove it to even the most skeptic of people.  The Ghost Tour of Regina lasts roughly 3 hours and features the psychic reading of Angel Shadowz owner Robyn Carissa.

Ghosts Have Been Sighted!

Not half way through our first tour of the 2009 season and for the entire two weeks of tours, we captured ghosts on camera! VIPs with authorization can login and see the ghosts now!  Book your tickets early so as to not miss the 2014 tours.

Queen City Exhibition

See Robyn perform next at the Queen City Exhibition.  Show times are still subject to change but are currently listed at 4 and 7pm daily.  Visit the Queen City Exhibition for more details.  Robyn will be speaking about the power of manifestation and the ability to attract what you want.



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Psychic Medium Consultation Courses, Classes, Workshops and Events


World Wide Psychic Mediumship Consultations - Please e-mail or call to invite Barb to come to your city/town!

Regina, SK

DATE: February 27th and 28th

COST: $150.00 full hour, $90 half hour - LIMITED Appointments!

TO REGISTER & book your session, PLEASE CLICK HERE


Nurturing your spirit... body, mind, and soul.

    * FREE Gift Bag

    * FREE Door Prizes

    * FREE Mini Readings

    * FREE Mini Treatments during breaks

      Reiki, Massage Therapy, Color Healing, etc.


A two day journey.

Regina - April 10th and 11th

Saskatoon - April 17th and 18th

Saturday - 10AM to 5PM (9:30AM Registration)

Sunday - 1PM to 5PM

Reserve your seat in Regina.

Reserve your seat in Saskatoon.

Limited seating available.



Learn how to move on from old feelings of guilt, anger, and worthlessness. Past Life issues will be discussed.

Led by Psychic Empath Shelia Powell of West Palm Beach, Florida.



Change your thoughts... Change your life. Life themes and purpose will be discussed.

Led by Psychic Medium Barb Powell of Saskatoon, Saskatchewan.



The secret to manifestation. Reveal the hidden, untapped power within.

Led by Psychic Robyn Carissa of Regina, Saskatchewan.


~Meet and greet to be held at the end of each day.

Attending this event does NOT guarantee a reading from Shelia, Barb, or Robyn. Please be open to the process and experience while attending this event. The audience members who are meant to recieve messages from their loved ones in spirit, will.

Because this is a public demonstration, no recording devices (audio, video, or film) of any kind are permitted for privacy reasons.


Event Details


                                  body, mind, soul


PAST - (workshop one) : learn how to move on from old feelings of guilt, anger & worthlessness from the past.  Past Life issues will be discussed.  Get rid of the junk in your trunk!! 

 Led by Psychic Empath Shelia Powell -     Florida, USA resident, seen on TV Ghost Adventures


PRESENT - (workshop two) : change your thoughts, change your life.  Life themes & purpose will be discussed.

Learn who you are and where you're going.

Led by Saskatoon's own Psychic Medium Barb Powell -  seen on Global tv and Max 


FUTURE - (workshop three) : the secret to manifestation.  Reveal the hidden untapped     power within.  Create the life you want.  Turn your dreams into realities!!  

 Led by Regina's Psychic Robyn Carissa - seen on Global TV





GHOST Tours of Regina

Ecoparty! is proud to offer their newest adventure ... the Ghost Tour of Regina.  This unique tour lasts roughly 3 hours and features the psychic reading of Angel Shadowz owner Robyn Carissa

Bring on the Ghost Bustin!

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